Tips to Choose the Best Bike for Ladies

You are a woman? Congratulation! You are facing a big obstacle due to the bike market nowadays are overwhelmed with men bike.

best road bike for beginners

It’s difficult for ladies to purchase a good bike. The explanation for this circumstance is that the bike producers ignored ladies needs for a very long time and just a few recent years, they realized that half of the world cycles as well.

We did very careful researches and had a very detailed and serious conversation with Cycle fit expert in order to compose this tutorial. Here are the tips you are waiting for:

  1. Get into details:

Most women decide to buy the bike for short men which will suit their body size. However, these design are for men, so anyway, it’s not good for women in the long term. That’s why, I highly recommend you to buy a bike that is right for your gender – the bike for women.

One of the most popular bikes for ladies is the “step by bike”. And this design is for cycling within the city only. Fortunately, recently, lots of bike manufacturers pay attention to the weak gender needs and now offer some versions of mountain bike, road bike, Dutch bike or Mixte hybrid bike for women.

So what I wanna say here is you are a woman, you shouldn’t ignore that and get a small men’s bike. You deserve a bike that is designed specifically for you, a lady bike.

  1. Pay attention to your gender’s characteristics and choose the bike that can fulfill those criteria:

Unlike other creatures, the human is born in different sizes and appearances. However, there are still some popular different characteristics between a main body and a woman body. The upper body of a woman is shorter than a man’s. That’s why the length of their trunk and their arms will be definitely less than a man’s. Oppositely, their legs are longer than the legs of a man who is equally tall. Their hips are therefore bigger and larger than man’s hips. Additionally, their arms and legs are much smaller, less muscular…

So based on these sexual differences, you can make yourself more comfortable with a man bike but its saddle is for women. As mentioned above, women hips are bigger than man hips. That’s why the saddle for women is also bigger. The men saddle size will be around from 130mm to 143mm while the range of women‘s is somewhere between 155mm and 175mm. So, you can buy a women saddle and put it in your bike instead of a man’s one.

  1. The frame of the bike matters:Best Bike for Ladies

In the second part of the article, I mentioned the differences between women and men regarding to their body characteristics. Additionally, their costumes definitely matter. Women like dress. So the step-through frame of the Mixte frame can solve this problem for women. These designs eliminate the top tube or incline it. And this design can also help riders maintain the upright position which is good for their backbone.

However, the step-through frame also has some weaknesses like the toe overlap situation which may prevent you from turning tightly. That’s why bike sellers came up with an idea – a touring Mixte with bigger wheel base in order to solve this issue.

  1. When the tube is not inclined:

This design is for man. However, it has been modified to fit women needs. The seat tube slope will be different from men’s bike. The angle will be somewhere between 70 and 73 degrees. This modification suits with the length of women legs. Some other modifications are: the cranks will be smaller, the handlebar will be less broad, the brake levers will be smaller.

  1. Conquering the mountain:

The changes of the mountain bike for women are quite equivalent to those of road bike. The most relevant change should be the smaller length of top tube. Next will be the shape of the tube. It will be bended in order to reduce the standover height for women.

  1. The formula:

To choose a good size for the road bike, you should measure your inseam length. Then, convert this measurement into centimeters. Next, multiply it by 0.67.

This formula is quite similar in case of a mountain bike. However, you should convert the inseam length into inches.

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