A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange or digital currency exchange is a business that involves exchanging cryptocurrency for other assets such as money or any other digital currency. It is a web service that provides electronic transactions in electronic forms and the collection of fees for them.
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Any transactions or transactions with the digital currency exchange can be made by debit and credit cards, postal money order or any other type of money transfer. This article is dedicated to discussing the various cryptocurrency exchanges that facilitate cryptocurrency trading for beginners and what they offer in terms of affordability, ease of use, security, deposit/withdrawal methods, and fees. We hope this cryptocurrency trading guide will help you get started with cryptocurrency exchanges.
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Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in San Francisco, California. It is available in 32 countries and currently serves more than 10 million customers. Launched in 2012, it has an easy-to-use interface that makes exchanging digital currency an easy task for a non-technical person. It is also available for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, Coinbase does not provide cryptocurrency mining for beginners and is only an exchange.
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It currently offers four coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. It exchanges digital currency for US dollars, Euros and British pounds. With minimal transfer fees, Coinbase has never experienced a security breach, making it the ideal platform for exchanging digital currency. In addition to this, Coinbase also offers a full-fledged advanced exchange called GDAX. It offers more advanced features and different and better trading fees than Coinbase.
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Bitstamp is another platform that provides digital currency exchange. It is relatively easy to use and offers more advanced features through TradeView. Bitstamp offers coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. It exchanges digital currency for US dollars and Euros. You can put into practice all the latest crypto currency trading methods on this exchange.
It offers flat deposits via bank transfers and supports debit/credit cards. Perhaps the only downsides to be found with Bitstamp are the slightly high fees and the fact that it has suffered one security breach in its 7 years of operation. However, it is one of the most reliable exchanges. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Gemini is a British company founded in 2015 by the Winklevoss twins. It is available in several countries including the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. One of the disadvantages of this platform is that it is not very user-friendly. So, beginners are not advised to use this platform.
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It offers two coins and 1 FLAT currency Bitcoin Cash, Ehtereum and US Dollars. Gemini follows strict protocols when it comes to security, and as of 2018, not a single security breach has been detected, making it one of the safest and most reliable digital currency platforms. However, it is important to have digital currency investment strategies before you start trading.
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Digital ticks is a modern crypto exchange that aims to change the game in this sector. They have implemented many latest techniques that make it easy for anyone to start trading.
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It has a unique feature called Single Portfolio View that allows traders to see all positions in a single portfolio. With this unique feature, it would be easy for traders to make informed decisions regarding the cryptocurrency exchange. It also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dashcoin.
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Kraken is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Launched in 2011, Kraken is the largest exchange in terms of volume and liquidity for EUR trading pairs. It serves worldwide, including the United States.
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Kraken offers a variety of coins including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero, Augur, Litecoin and many more. It also supports deposit/withdrawal via bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. Having a not very friendly user interface, it also suffers from stability and performance issues, but it is nevertheless a good platform for cryptocurrency exchanges.
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Bitfinex is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Launched in 2012, it has an easy-to-use interface and offers advanced features such as margin trading, margin financing, etc. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It offers BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, IOTA, XMR and NEO.
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Like previous cryptocurrency exchanges, it supports withdrawals in USD and EUR via bank transfers. Bitfinex has suffered two security breaches, the first was in May 2015, resulting in a loss of $330,000. And the second in August 2016, which resulted in a loss of $72 million.
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EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange that directly supports peer-to-peer connections. It is very different from the cryptocurrency exchange platform discussed earlier. Here, the funds are stored in a smart contract on the Ethereum network, for which you are fully responsible for deposits and withdrawals. Currently, EtherDelta only supports Ehtereum based tokens.
EtherDelta has a rather confusing interface that makes it difficult for users to perform cryptocurrency exchange transactions. Someone once tried to buy 750 Kyber at 0.007 ETH each but ended up buying 0.007 KNC at 750 ETH.
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After reviewing various cryptocurrency exchange platforms, we can confidently say that Coinbase and Bitstamp stand out with good features such as security, user-friendly interface, multiple withdrawal/transfer methods, and more.
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I wouldn’t call them perfect, but I would recommend that they are the safest bet you can make. Each cryptocurrency exchange platform is unique in its own way and has both advantages and disadvantages. We just need to choose the one that suits our needs. We hope this guide to basic cryptocurrency exchange and trading gives you a head start on your cryptocurrency trading journey.

Trading on the Forex market (foreign exchange)

What is Forex trading?

Forex, also known as foreign exchange and foreign exchange market, is where currencies are traded. Currencies are important to people all over the world.

Currencies are necessary for exchange to conduct foreign trade business. It is the largest and most liquid market in the world. It dwarfs the various markets to the extent of even stock trading systems with normal exchange valuations around.

It is a global decentralized marketplace for exchanging monetary forms. This market defines distance trading. The main participants in this market are the larger universal banks. There is a wide range of different types of buyers and sellers in this market.

The Forex trading market is unique due to the following characteristics:

A huge volume of exchange, speaking of the largest class of resources on the planet, which causes high liquidity;. A continuous task, 24 hours a day, except at the end of the week;

• Geographic dispersion;

• Continuous work 24 hours a day, except for weekends;

• Variety of factors affecting exchange rates;

• Low rate of return compared to other markets;

• Using leverage to increase profit and loss margins.

The Forex trading market is called a haven of perfect competition.

With such a huge number of experts associated with Forex trading, there are several dangers associated with it that need to be considered.

One needs to be sure that their internet connection and computer are working smoothly at all times. We all know that things like this happen: servers go down and our computers freeze or shut down depending on the current activity. This may affect transactions, so be aware that something may happen during trading.

There are also risk-free accounts that allow you to practice without losing your own money.


The Forex trading market is always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t matter your time, location, internet connection and computer, you can log in anytime to rest me trade.

It’s scalable. With this feature, the trader can control and limit the risk depending on his account.

Leverage is one of the huge advantages of the Forex trading market, where brokers allow trading up to 2% of the total contract size compared to the stock market. It is possible to use a small account for trading large amounts, where the winnings can be quite large and only small capitals are needed to obtain them.

Data and software are provided free of charge; you don’t have to pay, all you have to do is log in to your broker’s website. Download the software, the charts will be displayed as soon as you log in.

There are no commissions; well, you pay costs for spreads that depend on how much you trade.


As a private individual, you face a lot of competition, especially from huge funds associated with money, with trained traders and large resources invested in programming and equipment.

There is no centralized exchange, unlike the stock exchange. A broker acts like an exchange, making it a market maker.

You have no idea about capital exposure and how to calculate leverage, then you will suffer big losses.

Good traders start trading with only 2% of initial capital and no more.

The Forex trading market moves differently throughout the day, there are only a few peak hours that are worth your time to trade.


Margin trading also has a high level of risk that a smart trader should avoid. Always assess your capital and the amount of risk you are willing to take when trading.

Never enter a Forex trade with an amount you cannot afford to lose.

It is also your commitment to see all the dangers that accompany Forex trading before you go for your first trade.

Leverage is one of the biggest risks in Forex trading. It can bring big profits if you win but on the other hand huge losses if you lose.

Forex trading in Islam.

According to Islamic law, this question is difficult to answer unequivocally. Trading money under certain conditions is halal, according to an Islamic expert, but there are some questions under the right conditions.

This means that any transaction that involves an element of interest is completely prohibited according to Islam. Forex trading is not permitted in Islam and is defined very broadly. The Forex retailer mirrored the market by paying or charging the enthusiasm between the two parts of any money match whose position remains open in the medium term. It would seem that this is permissible as long as it (the exchange) takes place from hand to hand. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) meant the exchange of various types of goods. This will be done between the two parties, recognizing that it is a natural aspect of trade.

Most Forex professionals have responded to demonstrate the power and weight of Islamic dealers by creating an “Islamic Forex Broker” and offering “Muslim Forex Accounts” that operate without installments.

However, “regular” Forex trading offered by Forex brokers, with same-day interest payments or fees, can get rid of the fish obstacle.

Online trading requires online exchanges for crypto currency trading. Many online exchanges help by providing reliable security, fast transactions and stability. Some of them are Binance, Changelly and recently introduced Nexchange. These platforms deal in the trading of various cryptocurrencies.

The Most Dangerous Threat to Your Staff and Business Survival

Being involved with technology solutions professionals see things that could be a real threat to you, your staff or even your business; while the internet can be seen as a wonderful tool (cloud based communications and solutions for example) and all of the other great achievements that the internet has created there is a far darker side to it all; of that there is no doubt and it can be a real threat.

And factually you have in your business nowhere to run or nowhere to hide; sooner or later it becomes a high odd’s bet that employee, you or your company will suffer and in severe cases the effects could even close your company overnight.

Don’t believe this? Read on where examples of actual major threats are shown below. Not worried? You should be!

It’s so dangerous that Deloitte opened a cyber threat hunting service!

But on an everyday level to ordinary SME’s just like your business there really is no amount of anti virus this or anti malware that available that is really going to help; the examples below show you exactly why; things these days have moved on exponentially to levels that you may not believe, but some are revealed that are actual examples highlighting just how bad these threats have become. There will be casualties no doubt but you don’t want to be one of them!

Email has been a driving force that has moved forward communications between every aspect of business that anyone could imagine, from sales, customers, support, management, publicity and many more important areas; but it’s obvious that the underlying technology of email servers are flawed and because it’s now a worldwide transport for communications that’s hard to fix; these communications channels have to be compatible with every other email server in the world and that creates massive inherent vulnerabilities.

In almost every town, city or country, government bodies are working towards combating fraud and other nasty things from many areas, but email is one of the most widely abused platforms there is because of the ease of abuse by non-experts. And if you’re not an expert it does not take long to learn how to be one!

One organisation in the UK is Action Fraud operated by the police and while they handle other areas of fraud, email scams are very high on their list.

But here’s where things start to get nasty. Since the advent of cryptocurrency worldwide fraud has increased exponentially. And in the USA SEC Rejects Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund because they are very concerned about investor losses in Bitcoin.

However, this article is specific; Bitcoin is being used fraudulently and in both of the cases shown below Bitcoin is clearly involved in the transportation of monies to the perpetrators of these illegal demands on you, your staff or even your business. It’s no joke and anyone ignoring these really bad potential harms to their organisation will sooner or later come unstuck in maybe a really big way. The results could be catostrophic.

The first example shown below included personal details of the recipient that have been removed for security reasons. But this email (that passed every check through a company’s infrastructure) is threatening the life of an employee and should never be ignored.

Note that bitcoin and email addresses are edited for security purposes throughout this article.


“From: kristin*********

Sent: ******

To: *********

Subject: How to save themself

Read this warn carefully, since it can be the last in your life.

People are by nature envious. Given the fact of successful development of your business, people (your contestant ) paid me 30,000 Pound Sterling for your head on a stick.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this kind of work, but I’m already tired of these envious bastards and your life will be the last one I’ll take or will not do, it’s up to you.

Under normal circumstances, I would just do the work for which I was paid without going into the details, but I’m going to get away from it and go on a long-awaited vacation.

You have 2 versions for deciding this problem.

Adopt my proposal or refuse.

You pay me 5 thousand GBP for safe your life and you receive all the information about the customer with whom you apply to the police and thus you save your life and the lives of your relatives.

The second option is you ignore my proposal and turn to the police, but by the same token you will only postpone your judgment day, even if I can not do the work, then somebody else will do it, not within a week and say in a month or half a year, but order for your head will be fulfilled sooner or later.

Thus, you will be afraid of every rustle, walk around looking and thinking that you are being persecuted.

If you want such a life, your choice, but if I were you, I would think very well.

Tickets to England have been taken for July **, and you have exactly 3 days to transfer money to an anonymous account bitcoin 1QJNjRmon3iD3RwdjaGomFLHs25B******.

I can check the last time receipt of money before the flight to you, on the **th

In the event of receiving a reward, I will not come to take your life, but will also pass all the information about your customer (Let the bastards get what they deserve) and you can protect yourself, otherwise you know the consequences.

The well-being of the future life depends on your choice.

Think about your life, you family.

on all will of Allah”


The above email is unedited except for recipients details and Bitcoin account numbers. It can be clearly seen in this email that there is a threat on the life of the recipient. While some recipients would simply brush this type of email off, others become extremely concerned; it’s easy to see exactly why. Indeed some recipients will go and pay the demanded money and not think twice. Imagine that a key employee received this email and they completely believed its contents? The resultant downfall of the employee could be extreme. This email threatens the recipients life and mentions their family etc.

Notice that the spelling is incorrect for English on this example (undisclosed but its in the content) and somehow the writer suggests that the email is the ‘will of Allah’. Probably not. But the user identified the recipient was in ‘England’ likely from the email address so the recipient could believe some of the contents.

The above email passed numerous checks throughout the receiving companies infrastructure. Now it’s easy to see if you are tech savvy, but most email users are not. And if you’re a small SME then things could happen that could literally create very serious effects on your business even though the email targeted an employee. But if you’re not tech savvy and a company owner, would you believe the above? and send money? Many will have and that ‘feeds’ the criminals for millions of pounds or in this case $US.

Bitcoin in the above example is used because Bitcoin CANNOT be traced to the ultimate recipient of the payment. This is a major flaw in crypto currency and one reason (irrespective of some suggesting it’s an easy way to make money) you really should have nothing to do with it. Criminals use Bitcoin all the time.

As suggested, you just might not believe the above email if you received it, but there is no doubt that you might well believe the next example because it has information in it that is only known by you!


From: “Gloriana Feany”

To: *********************

Date: *********


I know ****** is your password. Lets get right to the purpose. You may not know me and you are most likely thinking why you are getting this email? Nobody has paid me to check you.

actually, I actually setup a malware on the X videos (porn material) web site and you know what, you visited this site to have fun (you know what I mean). While you were viewing videos, your web browser initiated operating as a RDP that has a key logger which gave me access to your display and webcam. Immediately after that, my software program gathered every one of your contacts from your Messenger, social networks, and emailaccount. And then I created a video. First part displays the video you were watching (you’ve got a fine taste hehe), and 2nd part displays the recording of your web camera, yea it is u.

There are two different possibilities. Let us take a look at each one of these options in details:

1st alternative is to skip this message. In this case, I most certainly will send your very own video clip to all your your contacts and visualize concerning the humiliation you will see. Moreover if you happen to be in a committed relationship, how it will affect?

Next choice should be to give me $3000. We are going to call it a donation. In this scenario, I most certainly will quickly remove your videotape. You will continue your way of life like this never took place and you will never hear back again from me.

You will make the payment through Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search for “how to buy bitcoin” in Google search engine).

BTC Address: 18PvdmxemjDkNxHF3p3Fu9wkaAZ********

[CASE sensitive, copy & paste it]

In case you are thinking about going to the law enforcement officials, very well, this e-mail can not be traced back to me. I have covered my actions. I am also not trying to charge you a lot, I simply want to be rewarded. I’ve a unique pixel in this e-mail, and at this moment I know that you have read through this email message. You have one day in order to pay. If I don’t get the BitCoins, I will certainly send your video to all of your contacts including family members, colleagues, etc. Having said that, if I receive the payment, I’ll erase the recording right away. If you really want evidence, reply Yup! then I will send out your video to your 7 friends. This is the non-negotiable offer, and thus please do not waste my personal time & yours by responding to this e mail.


This is an entirely different threat. The recipient picked this email up because of a multitude of reasons that were simply incorrect and not representative of their actions on the internet; however, the stated password was about 80% shown (and it would be reasonable to assume the perpetrator knew the rest of the password). This could be seen by many as a factual document and it’s credibility is created in the recipients mind by the inclusion of the password in to the threat.

Imagine owning a SME business that might indeed be a larger business, the threat demanded much more money and the recipient had viewed what was suggested in the email? People do. It could be seen as likely or at;east a possibility that the recipient might well pay the money to the perpetrator through Bitcoin. And again Bitcoin rears its ugly head.

Again in this second email instance shown the email passed all checks and tests in the company where the email was received. So these are real threats to individuals or business.

But consider this; how did the perpetrator get the recipients password? (it was an old password but nevertheless was mostly valid). The perpetrator suggested key logging on a site known for pornographic video and images. But that is most likely not where the perp got the details from.

When reading about companies like Facebook, TalkTalk, Dixons Carphone Warehouse, Equifax, Adobe, AOL, Apple, AT&T, British Airways, Mastercard and Visa, Compass Bank, Dominos Pizza, DVLA UK, Dropbox, Kmart, Hewlett Packard, eBay, Experian, Trump Hotels, Gmail, Vodaphone, Walmart, Morgan Stanley, NHS, Ofcom, SnapChat, Adidas, Macys, Sony Pictures (and the list goes on) is it really no wonder that most personal details of importance (even financially) of individuals and businesses are all over the internet. There is a Wikipedia about these breaches of data that is extremely concerning reading as these breaches involve all kinds of information that will no doubt be available to buy on the internet. With the incredible reductions in share prices at Facebook maybe that might be the start of a mass exodus from those sort of ‘social media’ sites; but of course Facebook is merely one of the very long list of companies that have let you down through not protecting your data properly as the list above clearly demonstrates.

Its easy to see why GDPR has become law and countries will continue to pass GDPR legislation accordingly. Thank all of the companies mentioned above and many more for allowing this ridiculous situation that could be the start of the downfall of the internet as it is known today.

But is it time to go back and retrospectively fine each and every company involved in the dispersal of personal details? Are those companies any less ‘guilty’ now? It seems for many companies that the only thing they understand is when they are faced with very large fines; and even the fines might be irrelevant to organisations like Facebook and Google because large fines seem to be ‘petty cash’ to some of those companies. But shere price reduction wakes them up.

If anyone is concerned about a ‘key logger’ from the above email example getting your information Kaspersky latest offering of internet security includes software that stops key loggers from logging your information as you type.

A third example of fraud covered in this article relates to a company that received an email pro-forma invoice to pay from one of its regular suppliers. One day the finance department received a pro-forma invoice that needed to be paid immediately. The email address and the invoice itself looked entirely unremarkable. The sending company advised the finance department that they had recently changed banks and that the new details were on the invoice attached. Finance paid the £60,000+ ( $US 80,000) invoice.

The only problem was, that the invoice was completely fraudulent, the email address did read correctly unless you looked close (instead of wonderful.com it was wonderfull.com (just made up example to illustrate the methodology used) and the recipient in the finance department saw and read what they were used to seeing. The real question is, how did the perpetrators get all that information about what an invoice should be like, the real suppliers details, etc., their website and email addresses and more; it’s food for thought and make no mistake it can be so easy to allow one of these scams through your business; the chances are pretty high and the consequences could be dire and even bankrupt your business if taken to the extreme.

There is no doubt that the underlying email systems are no longer fit for purpose in general and have not been for some time. Notice that in the first example the scammer sent mail from ‘mail.bg’ and the second one (even more concerning) was from ‘outlook.com’. While the sending email addresses can be ‘replaced’ with any email address upon examination those two shown emails seemed to be real; indeed one of the perps even used Google to advise how to use Bitcoin for payment. But there are multiples of very large companies that every day offer a service but allow their email servers and systems to send out such threatening emails to users. Maybe it’s time to pressure these organisations (outlook.com, gmail.com and there are multiples of others) to actually filter their emails properly as well as the sendersbefore these sort of threats go out and create serious harm that these sort of messages could easily do.

Of course there are millions of other examples of fraud through an outdated abused email system (and other related internet technologies) that could be shown here, but the aim of this article is to educate readers so that they don’t fall foul to these sort of appalling scams.

One company, Network Systems has seen many of these sort of internet related issues and offers a cybercrime service to SME’s to help to create a safe environment for empolyees and business as they work on the internet today.

Hopefully this article will at least make the reader think very hard about how they are going to ensure protection of employees and their company and if nothing else that is a wothwhile objective. Using specialist companies will always help more than by just trying to put solutions in place created by someone without experience in this area and could actually save your company.

Secret Steps to a Profitable Forex Trading Career!

One thing that contributes so much to the failure of many to make solid profits from the Forex markets is not knowing what steps to take when making trading decisions.

1. Learn how to make diagrams. If you really want to have a long career in Forex trading, you need to learn how to chart on all time frames. The types of charts to build are determined by your trading system and strategy. It can often be wise to build and save your charts as templates so you can always use them whenever you want. Charts are often easier to build on the Meta Trader4 (MT4) trading platform.

2. Understand the Terms and Conditions: These are the terms and conditions that you need to notice before committing to a deal. This is one of the areas that confuses many traders. It also requires patience. A trader needs to wait for the conditions to be created before starting a trade.

3. Know your entry points: These are price levels that offer high entry probability with low risks. Certain trading tools can be of great help in identifying these levels.

4. Please ignore any trading system that encourages you to trade without a stop loss. A decent system should guide you to the best levels to place smart stop loss orders with a higher probability of winning the trade. You can also use a trailing stop to protect your trading profit. Trailing stops help you adjust your stop loss when the price moves in your favor.

5. Know your take profit: You should have a predetermined target for each trade. Once your trading system generates a trading signal, it should be able to give you potential targets or, better yet, potential trades. Guessing can be very dangerous for any trader. You need to do a thorough analysis before agreeing to a high-probability trade. If the trading system cannot show you the possible profit you can make, ignore the trade. You are only taking a calculated risk. The following tools can be of great help in identifying them: Pivots, Trendlines and Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions.

Target potential customers using Facebook

Facebook is not only used to communicate with friends and family. Used correctly target potential customers using Facebook can be achieved both organically and paid. There are several ways to help grow your business when it comes to this popular social network. The information below can help you use Facebook to promote your personal brand and offer to grow your customer base.

Benefits of the group

A Facebook group can be beneficial for all members by sharing relevant content with each other. A group can encourage subscribers to join an online community and communicate regularly. It will also give you the opportunity to update your followers, interact and share each other’s business, content and ideas.

It is not advisable to buy Facebook fans just for the sake of having “numbers”. Although it can be tempting, it does not always produce the desired results. These fans are not necessarily targeting your niche and will bring in relatively nothing.

Make sure your Facebook group matches your niche and personal branding. Appearance is important in marketing your personal brand. If your page is unattractive, people are less likely to want to visit it, let alone return.

Share valuable content

Make valuable, content-rich posts and videos. Fans will follow you if they get value and engagement from your content and community. Use Facebook as a means of engagement, not as a platform to promote or try to “sell” your product(s).

Regularly posting videos on Facebook, whether uploaded or live, is another way to share your information and promote your brand. It’s easier to get attention through video. You can also share information about your article in print along with a video for further exposure.

Encourage interaction

Encourage communication with the audience. When a customer posts a comment, respond and engage. If you find a subscriber who offers quality information or products, let them know and share them in your group. Social media is essential to growing your brand and business.

Try to keep the information you post fresh and relevant. Your posts should stay on topic and in your niche. Use a variety of methods to engage your fans, some of which may include:

  • Video

  • Articles

  • Polls

  • Competitions

  • Memes

Adjust your video ideas accordingly to capture your audience’s attention. For example, if you are selling a product, make a video describing the product, how to use it, benefits, etc., rather than just trying to sell the product. Always lead with benefits and value.

More than a social networking site

Facebook is not only a social network but also a powerful business marketing platform. Facebook can be used to reach and grow your business as millions of users are on this site daily; why not use it to your advantage.

Using Facebook correctly can be the catalyst to launch your brand. Get it right from the start so it becomes the foundation for your targeted leads with Facebook.

First week on Fiverr ($500 earned)

Fiverr is a freelance platform created in Israel to allow users to purchase “gigs” for as little as $5.

Launched in 2010, the service has grown exponentially thanks in part to its accessibility to digital marketers, with everyone from SEOs to Amazon FBA sellers outsourcing simple tasks to experts who offer their services through the platform.

By 2015, stories began to emerge of service providers making substantial profits/profits from the system, with one – SPXMAC – reporting revenues of over $40,000 per month (a remarkable achievement).

With this in mind, people with real skills, experience and knowledge have been brought in to provide their services through the system, myself included.

To that end, I thought it appropriate to share some of the progress I’ve made with the platform. It’s a small number, but it might give some people an idea of ​​what works and what doesn’t.

The Fiverr Online System (How It Works)

The most important thing to appreciate about Fiverr is that the vendor has to create an offer for the client.

While there are many other “freelancer” websites out there, they rely on the client offering jobs/gigs and the vendors contributing by posting offers. The customer then sifts through the offers and makes a choice.

Because of the contrarian nature of the Fiverr system, it opened up a new way for the “freelance” system to work.

Instead of offering work, a service provider can essentially provide a range of “products” / “services” through which they can provide buyers with a more structured, systematic set of work.

For example, if you’re a logo vendor, you’ll sell your logo design service for $150, where buyers can come in, ask questions, and buy.

The point is that this new model is different, and in many cases better, than the previous model. It focuses on the offered product / service and encourages the supplier to systematize the delivery process as much as possible – this allows to ensure even higher quality, lower prices and more efficient service delivery.

If you want to create effective (profitable) products/services to put on the site, the key is to understand what buyers are really looking for and the ability to facilitate it in the most optimized way. This is where I started offering my services.

Products / services for sale

Obviously, every market / platform has its winners and losers.

The most important thing I found about the platform is that there are really “two” ways to list products/services:

  1. List products / services based on your expertise – if you are a graphic designer, create similar e-book covers, logo designs or website templates for easy money
  2. List products/services based on market demand – As mentioned, many “digital marketers” use Fiverr as a source of low-cost but high-quality services for their growing online business

The former will probably take longer to bear much fruit; the latter will be much faster, but will allow for less creativity in the proposal.

I tend to try to mix the two – determine what’s popular and give it my own slant.

Some of the most popular listings I have found are Amazon Product Listing Description writing services. The most successful of them is “SPXMAC” who earns more than $30k/$40k per month.

There are currently 3 providers of this service who typically receive 15 to 30 orders per day for their gigs. SPXMAC is definitely the leader.

My experience

To clarify, I did not do this under my own name; I helped a friend set up and we split the profits.

To do this, I started by listing a number of common services on Fiverr based on my friend’s real-world experience (he was in finance).

We started by writing the article – imagining that a number of high-end “financial” blogs (which depend on quality, accurate and relevant content) would want to hire an expert who has been involved in a large number of transactions, trades with a private consortium in London, and is also very well versed in technologies.

I wrote a profile listing that explained his work in the industry, his experience, and (importantly) why he listed his services on Fiverr.

In the last part, I explained that he wanted to expand his personal brand and felt that writing articles for money would be the most appropriate way to do this. Instead of sending guest posts, this would give an instant precedent to whoever was making the purchase.

It seemed to go relatively well (lots of blog operators bought his articles and used his name/face as the “author” on their sites).

As for the products we offer, we first tested the Forex article writing service. It was not too popular as it is a very crowded market and it usually works cyclically (eg when the USD/GBP currency pair falls etc.).

One thing that worked really well was the “crypto” articles we wrote for $25 for 10. It was very small but allowed us to make some progress in terms of reviews/feedback on the system.

Most of the people who bought the packages just let us decide what articles to write (we mostly wrote about current market trends, the importance of blockchain, etc.) – and started focusing on expanding as much as possible.

The “crypto” articles were good (we made $500 each in the first week), but it was unsustainable at such a low price. We both got burned and so decided to bump up the prices a bit, which cut the interest/bandwidth a lot.

However, the feedback was received and the quality of buyers improved significantly, although the frequency of purchases decreased.


The biggest thing I’ve found in my time on the internet is using my own face.

I’ve done a lot of things under pseudonyms in the past. Some of it was legit (running the second largest Webkinz site), but most was just because I didn’t want people to know what I was doing.

While this was a legitimate reason to hide my identity, the simple truth is that it didn’t allow me to grow very quickly. To that end, one of the key things I started doing for my friend was to emphasize the importance of owning your name—ensuring that you highlight your unique experiences, ideas, and knowledge as the core of why someone should consider you.

If you do decide to get involved with Fiverr, I would suggest that this is one of the few ways you can really “own” your name online by providing genuine content. Think of it as an extension of the likes of LinkedIn or Twitter – a “social” touchpoint through which the “online” community can interact with you.

NATMIN PURE ESCROW: Using Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Online Transactions

Natmin Pure Escrow is a revolutionary decentralized application that provides pure Escrow services. Why do I need an Escrow service, you may ask? The answer is simple: safety and security. So many transactions are done online these days, and with the alarming rise in fraudulent transactions, your online security has never been more at risk. An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds funds until all obligations are met by the buyer and seller. Using an escrow service ensures that you will not be defrauded of your goods or money, as transactions will only be completed once all conditions agreed upon by both parties have been met.

Now you are probably asking why would I use your platform, surely a company with people who control every aspect of the transaction would be a better option? Natmin Pure Escrow can save you time and money as well as provide you with maximum safety and security. Natmin is a self-regulating system that uses blockchain and smart contract technology. This makes our transactions exponentially faster, much more secure, and can cost only a fraction of what you would pay with a regular escrow company. There is no intermediary who would slow down transactions, there is no corruption, and officials cannot be bought. Natmin also adheres to all AML/CFT regulations, providing peace of mind to our customers.

With Telegram 7000+, Twitter 6000+, Facebook 5000+ and our website with 8000+ members and growing, we want you to join our community today! Head over to our website, check out our white paper and make sure you register so you don’t miss out on our presale with 45% bonus tokens up for grabs. Come and find out why Natmin Pure Escrow is the future of Escrow services.

Natmin Pure Escrow, built on Blockchain technology, is a decentralized application that aims to bring innovative changes to the Escrow market. Using smart contract technology, Natmin will enable buyers and sellers to complete transactions in a timely manner with extremely low transaction fees.

In a world where fraudulent transactions are on the rise, Natmin is committed to developing a safe and secure platform where customers can transact knowing their money is safe. As a self-regulated system, Natmin provides maximum security and peace of mind by ensuring compliance with AML/CFT regulations.

The Natmin token is built on the ERC20/ERC223 standard using the Etherium Blockchain and will be used in the operation of the platform.

The Natmin Token Presale is currently underway, offering a limited supply of 40,000,000 tokens. The presale will continue until it is sold out or the TGE begins on September 1, 2018, where an additional 200,000,000 tokens will be offered. The TGE will run for 30 days and ends on September 30, 2018 unless sold out sooner. The value of the token is 1 ETH = 20,000 NAT.

The Presale and TGE will award tiered bonuses, offering early investors a significant reward.

Presale 45%

TGE Day 1-3 35%

TGE Day 4-10 25%

TGE Day 11-17 20%

TGE day 18-24 15%

TGE day 25-30 10%

After the end of the TGE, 70% of the unsold tokens will be distributed to the Presale and TGE participants as a bonus according to their contribution. Of the remaining unsold tokens, 15% will be burned instantly, and the last 15% will be available for purchase directly from the platform, and then burned at a rate of 1% every month until the tokens reach 0. The tokens distributed to the team and advisors will be vested for 180 days.

To learn more and view the white paper, visit the website or contact the team.

Please visit http://www.natmin.io for more information.

A step-by-step guide to investing in Bitcoin

Well, like almost everything else in life – if not everything – you have to buy it before you invest in it. Investing in bitcoins can be very difficult, and that is if you don’t have the step you need to take.

First you need to know that Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency, one of the very first digital currencies that was invented, designed and developed by Satoshi Nakamoto and was released to the public in 2009.

And since then, updates and improvements have been made by a network of highly experienced developers, and the platform has been partially funded by the Bitcoin Foundation.

Since Bitcoin has become a hot topic of interest and many people are investing in it, there is nothing wrong with acquiring digital wealth as well. It is interesting to note that back in 2012, Bitcoin firms were only able to raise $2.2 million.

Despite falling in price this year, the cryptocurrency continues to grow in both users and merchants accepting it as payment.

So how can you get in on the action? Investing in Bitcoins can be easy for the average Joe if he just buys them outright.

It has become easy to buy today, as many firms in the United States and around the world are involved in buying and selling.

For US investors, the easiest solution is Coin Base, which is a company that sells BTC to people at a markup that is usually around 1% of the current market price.

If you want a traditional exchange, Bit Stamp may be the best option because the users you will be trading with are not just the company, but the users.

The company acts only as an intermediary. Liquidity is higher and you can almost always find another person to take the other side of your trade.

Commissions start at 0.5% and go up to 0.2% if you have traded more than $150,000 in the last 30 days. All this is already an investment vehicle in its own way, because the more BTC you buy, the more profit you will make if you decide to keep it or resell it to other traditional buyers at a higher price than the one you purchased with the help of the real company .

You can also buy bitcoins in other ways besides exchange. One of the most popular offline routes is Local Bitcoins, a website that connects you with potential buyers and sellers. When buying coins, they are locked with the seller in escrow, from where they can be issued only to buyers.

But buying bitcoins offline should be done with some extra precautions which are always common like meeting a stranger. Meet during the day in a public place and if possible bring a friend with you.

Bitcoin is the most popular thing on the internet right now. Investors and venture capital firms are betting that it will stick around. There are many ways for the average Joe to invest and buy Bitcoins.

In the US, the most popular ways are Coin Base, Bit Stamp, and Local Bitcoins. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so do your research to find the best fit for you.

All about Flexion Token

ICO Details:

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a true utility token based on ERC20 (Ethereum) that is offered to its investors during a crowdsale with various features. Flexion token holders will be granted exclusive benefits such as profits. The system will record the FXN Wallet balance data every month. And the user will share the income based on the balance stored in the Flexion token in the Flexion Exchange wallet. Depending on the income per token, the system will credit the balance to your reward wallet.

Why you should buy flex tokens

Flexion represents a solid investment opportunity for investors looking to get rich over a period of time. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or an opportunity to make money overnight. Investors who buy tokens and hold them for the long term will achieve exceptional results and returns on their investments.

An experienced management team with experience in managing a successful company.

All traders want minimal trading fees. We do not have any trading fees.

24 hour customer support.

Token details

The Flexion (FXN) token is built using an ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain technology. Flexion (FXN) supports all Ethereum wallets.

About the FLEXION exchange

We provide 0% trading fee during the launch of the exchange. A customer who buys 100 thousand FLEXION tokens will receive 50% trading commission and this will be permanent.

Trading on the Forex market will be carried out on the FLEXION exchange. The client will receive a trading platform of 500 tokens. The minimum purchase amount of Flexion Tokens will be 500 FXN, after which you can use Ethereum to purchase Flexion Tokens. In each new stage will increase.

We are committed to providing a fast and secure trading experience for our clients in BTC, ETH and FXN

Token distribution:

ICO: 53%

Reserve: 30%

Presale: 5%

Bonus distribution: 5%

Team: 5%

Registration / Referral Program: 2%


We provide 1/2 the trading fee than other exchanges.

We support fiat currencies on one platform.

We have reduced the coin listing fee by up to 80% compared to other exchanges.

A first-time customer who purchases 100,000 tokens in the pre-sale will receive a 50% discount on lifetime trading fees

The customer is very important to us and we give our customers 20% profit.

We also provide 24×7 customer support

Features Flexion Exchange

Flexion is a digital currency exchange, we offer 0% trading fee for 6 months at launch

User who buy 1 lakh flexion tokens will get 50% trading commission and it will be permanent

Flexion Exchange provides cryptocurrency trading with Forex trading.

Exchange for the token holder

Complete privacy system

We use the latest technology in our cryptocurrency trading platform

A unique operating system

A user can make one million transactions per second

We provide highly leveraged futures trading.

User can track digital as well as fiat currency.

Get a 50% trade-in discount on your first relationship.

Customer will get 24×7 customer support.

The future of blockchain technology

What is Blockchain?

The term blockchain has been used in many social and corporate conversations in recent years, and it seems that everyone has heard of blockchain technology, but the majority of the population has no idea what it actually means.

In order for us to explain exactly what blockchain technology really means, let us give you a brief history of how money transactions have evolved. Historically, whenever people exchanged valuable items, there were intermediaries whose sole purpose was to establish the authenticity of both parties and build trust between them. These intermediaries are now known as banks. The use of banks and brokers continued over time, and with the advent of digital assets such as stocks, electronic money, and intellectual property, a more secure method was needed. This is because digital assets are usually files on a computer, which are therefore vulnerable to manipulation and theft. Thus, the use of blockchain technology allows parties to transact openly and transparently, ensuring a secure and efficient exchange.

The Future of Bitcoin

Blockchain has the potential to completely disrupt the financial industry in the same way that social media disrupted mainstream media or the same way that Netflix destroyed blockbusters. Blockchain technology can be used as a platform that provides financial services to everyone around the world, including people in developing countries who may not have access to traditional banking services and cannot afford the rates required to make large transactions. This technology has the potential for major breakthroughs in almost every major industry that is typically manipulated by large corporations.

Using Blockchain Technology in Education

Blockchain technology in education can be used to identify students who really need scholarships and those who can afford them. This is because several students have bypassed the system and received funding. It will actually hurt low-income students, who end up dropping out or racking up huge debt that forces them to barely work.

Finally, a huge amount of the population may be burying their heads in the sand right now because they want blockchain to go away, but this technology is definitely not going away. In the near future, we will all be trading using blockchain as part of our daily activities. Our great-grandchildren will read about money and ATMs just as we read about barter and gold. Therefore, it is very important that we adapt as quickly as possible to how we are forced to adapt.

What is the Internet of Things, Blockchain and its business benefits?

The concept of the Internet of Things is growing rapidly and becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand. Many people are not aware of what IoT (Internet of Things) is, what IoT platform is, how it can be used to improve business strategies. Thus what exactlyis it the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is an ecosystem of connected hardware devices that are easily accessed over the Internet. A “thing” in IoT can be a person wearing a smart watch or a machine with built-in sensors, ie. interconnected computing devices that have the ability to collect and move data across a network without manual assistance or intervention. Technology integrated into devices helps them interact with internal states or the external environment, which in turn influences the decisions that are made. Let’s see how does IoT work?

The Internet of Things system combines four components: sensors/devices, communication, data processing, and user interface.

  • Sensors: Collects external data from devices and transmits it to the cloud.
  • Connection: All devices must be connected to the cloud using various methods such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet, Ethernet, etc. The choice of connection method depends on the specific applications.
  • Data processing: After receiving data from certain devices in the cloud, the software processes the data and takes steps to automatically send alerts and configure the devices without the need of the user.
  • User interface: The alert sent by the device will help users take a look at the system and make any adjustments, the information is sent to the cloud and back to the device.

The IoT platform enables the use of cloud applications and services:

The IoT platform is a multifaceted technology that facilitates the seamless delivery, execution, and automation of connected devices in the Internet of Things universe. It specifically connects your equipment, whatever it may be, to the cloud using flexible connectivity options, enterprise-grade security methodologies, and big data processing capabilities. An IoT platform can also be called a middleware that connects remote devices with user applications and handles all interactions between hardware and application layers. The IoT platform recognizes its core business value, namely providing cloud-based applications and services to off-the-shelf devices.

As the number of smart and wearable devices around the world is gradually increasing, the IoT is expanding. Although progress excites and guarantees changes that will affect the world in many ways, but it is not without flaws and raises some doubts about its safety. The answer to this security concern may be another upcoming technology, Blockchain.

Blockchain is nothing more than a distributed ledger technology that can be touted as a solution to security problems. Blockchain technology makes it possible to get rid of intermediaries and make transactions directly; it records these transactions cryptographically so that they cannot be modified or altered once recorded. Blockchain technology has spread its wings across all industries and has an endless number of applications. With the security breach happening in the IoT, blockchain can be a solution to several problem areas. But why does IoT need blockchain technology to secure data flow?

  • IoT can be secured with blockchain:

All devices in the IoT are connected to the Internet, making them vulnerable targets for hacking or cyber-attacks. Devices like smart watches, smart devices, smart bulbs, thermostats, etc. are being developed and updated regularly, making them highly sensitive. As technology advances, the risk of attack will continue to grow, but without blockchain. The Internet of Things integrated into the blockchain can be protected and able to repel any cyber attack. Because blockchain records transactions, stores information in decentralized locations, and cannot be altered or deleted, it is a viable solution for secure devices.

  • Blockchain there is cost effective:

Security makes it an ideal architecture for IoT. This reduces single points of failure, creating a more robust ecosystem for devices to operate. Blockchain can keep a definitive, completely secure record of messages sent between smart IoT devices, thereby allowing smart devices to function autonomously without the need for centralized control. Blockchain automates processes. It is decentralized, there is no intermediary. This means that blockchain technology can reduce costs by directly managing transactions. There is no need for third parties to be involved, and the money saved can be used for other important business matters.

But this is just the beginning, and the Internet of Things is a hyper-connected environment in the business world. With the Internet of Things, you can observe, evaluate and automate in ways that will dramatically improve processes and create new business models. Now that you understand why blockchain is needed for IoT, now let’s take a look at the benefits of IoT for an organization below:

  1. data managed solutions: The more data, the easier it is to make the right decision. Knowing which component is required and which parts you’re out of without having to check it out is not only time-saving, it’s also helpful.
  2. Saving time and money: Due to the monitoring, the time spent on the number of trips is saved. It is economical because this technology can easily replace the people responsible for monitoring and maintaining the supply.
  3. Increase your business prospects: IoT is creating new business opportunities and helping companies to profit from new revenue streams developed through sophisticated business models and services. IoT helps drive innovation, reduce time to market, and improve ROI.
  4. Increases organizational productivity: Performance results play a key role in the success of any business. IoT offers just-in-time employee training, upskilling and reducing skills mismatches while increasing organizational productivity.
  5. Improvise the customer experience: Detailed consumer information can help you make informed decisions about who to target, when to target them, and what budget to support. IoT technologies replace quantitative data with qualitative data, helping you better understand the customer at the end of the buying cycle.