Why is the Nano price going up?

Better Crypto-IoT Collaboration

This was reported yesterday in the nanocenter. The launch of the Nano IoT charger has been confirmed by the company and represents the most promising entry into the IoT industry. The IoT charger and related device are said to run on the native Nano coin.

The charger that has been released at the moment is still a prototype, and the features that have been revealed so far that the charger hosts:

  • The user is only required to scan the QR code for transactions

  • The QR code initiates a guided transaction process at the micro level; so no need to worry about changes

  • Currently only compatible with NANO wallets

This announcement from the Nano Center is an important milestone for both the company and the community, because if and when the charger is successfully tested and brought to market, there will be many real-world use cases to satisfy. Of course, to do this for real use cases, there are many potential uses and several iterations that need to happen beforehand.

Nana branch

Nano is not the first cryptocurrency coin and company to enter the IoT space, it is actually the third or fourth. For IOTA and a few other coins that are also in the space at the moment. However, the excitement and anticipation surrounding this coin is due to the fact that the company did some very interesting market research before embarking on this journey.

Nano used its YouTube channel to start engaging with its community, and the feedback it received through it was invaluable to the company. The community response to the YouTube channel and its content made it very clear to the company what was expected of them and what they needed to do.

A company that has taken this step to diversify its business has the potential to become a global brand in the IoT industry with this product. NANO coins are also beginning to be listed on many exchanges. Which is a very important reason for the wide circulation of the coin and the increase in market prices.

Rising prices, more expected

In the last week, the price of Nano has increased by more than 90%. And 250% growth in the last two weeks. The price two weeks ago was 1.52 US dollars. The increase in price and value is explained by several reasons. Among them is the fact that NANO’s coin has been listed and accepted by many exchanges and platforms as a transactional cryptocurrency.

The other two reasons are pretty intuitive from this article, they are that the company has diversified into the IoT jungle with their charging product and the fact that their initial network stress test produced excellent results. It is very important for every crypto company to have the support of the community, and it is safe to say that NANO does. The current price of the coin at the time of writing is US$3.12.