NATMIN PURE ESCROW: Using Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize Online Transactions

Natmin Pure Escrow is a revolutionary decentralized application that provides pure Escrow services. Why do I need an Escrow service, you may ask? The answer is simple: safety and security. So many transactions are done online these days, and with the alarming rise in fraudulent transactions, your online security has never been more at risk. An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds funds until all obligations are met by the buyer and seller. Using an escrow service ensures that you will not be defrauded of your goods or money, as transactions will only be completed once all conditions agreed upon by both parties have been met.

Now you are probably asking why would I use your platform, surely a company with people who control every aspect of the transaction would be a better option? Natmin Pure Escrow can save you time and money as well as provide you with maximum safety and security. Natmin is a self-regulating system that uses blockchain and smart contract technology. This makes our transactions exponentially faster, much more secure, and can cost only a fraction of what you would pay with a regular escrow company. There is no intermediary who would slow down transactions, there is no corruption, and officials cannot be bought. Natmin also adheres to all AML/CFT regulations, providing peace of mind to our customers.

With Telegram 7000+, Twitter 6000+, Facebook 5000+ and our website with 8000+ members and growing, we want you to join our community today! Head over to our website, check out our white paper and make sure you register so you don’t miss out on our presale with 45% bonus tokens up for grabs. Come and find out why Natmin Pure Escrow is the future of Escrow services.

Natmin Pure Escrow, built on Blockchain technology, is a decentralized application that aims to bring innovative changes to the Escrow market. Using smart contract technology, Natmin will enable buyers and sellers to complete transactions in a timely manner with extremely low transaction fees.

In a world where fraudulent transactions are on the rise, Natmin is committed to developing a safe and secure platform where customers can transact knowing their money is safe. As a self-regulated system, Natmin provides maximum security and peace of mind by ensuring compliance with AML/CFT regulations.

The Natmin token is built on the ERC20/ERC223 standard using the Etherium Blockchain and will be used in the operation of the platform.

The Natmin Token Presale is currently underway, offering a limited supply of 40,000,000 tokens. The presale will continue until it is sold out or the TGE begins on September 1, 2018, where an additional 200,000,000 tokens will be offered. The TGE will run for 30 days and ends on September 30, 2018 unless sold out sooner. The value of the token is 1 ETH = 20,000 NAT.

The Presale and TGE will award tiered bonuses, offering early investors a significant reward.

Presale 45%

TGE Day 1-3 35%

TGE Day 4-10 25%

TGE Day 11-17 20%

TGE day 18-24 15%

TGE day 25-30 10%

After the end of the TGE, 70% of the unsold tokens will be distributed to the Presale and TGE participants as a bonus according to their contribution. Of the remaining unsold tokens, 15% will be burned instantly, and the last 15% will be available for purchase directly from the platform, and then burned at a rate of 1% every month until the tokens reach 0. The tokens distributed to the team and advisors will be vested for 180 days.

To learn more and view the white paper, visit the website or contact the team.

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